flight club photo

Flight Club

Richmond, Virginia’s own Flight Club is a Five-piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit that loves to get loud and oozes energy on the stage.  They pull influences of southern and classic rock, blues, and add a punk edge. Take a listen!

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Open Your Ears Records — House & Home photo

House & Home

House & Home come to us from Richmond, Virginia.  Their release, “Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light”, reveal a polished and mature sound as the band is coming into their own.  With dual lead vocals and melodies that you will find yourself humming all day, House & Home are ready to make their mark on the music scene.

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Open Your Ears Records | Sea of Storms

Sea of Storms

These lads have been a part of the RVA punk scene for a better part of a decade. It’s perfect marriage of aggressive punk rock and vocal melodies that you will sing in the shower. Check them out!

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